Peony Description Instructions

We need an accurate and complete description of each cultivar.  Please submit descriptions of cultivars which you have first hand knowledge.  The description must be original.  Include your name and email address in the appropriate places.  Your name will be seen by subsequent visitors viewing that cultivar description.  Your email will be used only if we need to contact you for clarification and will not be visible to users.  Descriptions should be detailed and should describe all aspects of the cultivar, not just the flower.  Descriptions may include such things as plant habit (ie:erect, spreading, ....), flower shape, form and scent, leaf color and shape, plant height, and stem strength. Include any information that will help the reader to compare the cultivar with other cultivars, ie: the flower form of the subject is similar to another cultivar.  If characteristics are affected by locale, then it would be wise to say what area of the world you observed the plant growing, that is, if you say your cultivar bloomed on June 12th, then you should say in what area or zone it was growing.  If someone else has described the cultivar you can submit a description for it also.  In fact, the more information we have about any cultivar the better. 

At this time only a limited number of cultivars are in the The Peony Description Index.  That file also offers another option which allows you to submit descriptions of cultivars which do not appear in the database.  The link for adding cultivars which are not in the list is located at the bottom of the page.  When you(or anyone else) adds a cultivar in this way it will then appear in the list of cultivars to be described.

Photos are also needed for this utility.  Photos should have a width of 540 pixels or more.  Photos which are smaller will be "stretched" to that size which will reduce the quality of the image.  If you wish for us to check some of your photos to determine if they are useable then submit only a few.   The person submitting the photos will be given credit as the photographer, if the photographer is someone other than the submitter let us know so proper credit can be given.  If you do not have the rights or permission to a photo DO NOT submit it.  Photos can be submitted to Leon Pesnell via attachments to email. 

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