How to Start a Local Peony Club
by J. W. Waddick

6.Feedback - success and failure

These suggestions have worked for the Heartland Peony Society, but there are alternatives for other settings.  HPS would like this site to provide good and bad feedback. What has worked or not for you and your club in planning, initiating and presenting a club to potential members? What events have been too much trouble or been too costly? Please send your feedback to webmaster, Leon Pesnell. We'll get it into the feedback page as soon as possible. We'd like you to include the name of the club and pertinent identification information, but you can remain as anonymous as you wish. Just tell Leon. Thanks and good luck in spreading the word about peonies.

2. Advertising; Finding a Big Fish.
3. Growth: 10 100 - 1,000.
4. Gardeners vs. Growers US and THEM.
5. Goals: The Light at the End of the Tunnel.
6. Feedback: Success and Failure.