Grafting Tree Peonies

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More examples of scions

Terminal shoot showing leaf axils without buds and a suitable scion below

Terminal shoots with spent bloom and a suitable scion below



2.)        Selection of Rootstock - Roots are taken from herbaceous peonies.  The roots to be used must be of the same or nearly the same diameter as the base of the scion or it may be larger. As the peony roots are harvested you must keep the orientation of the roots in  perspective so you will know which end of the root is 'up' and which is 'down. Good roots are of finger diameter or larger and up to 8 inches in length. Do not use roots of herbaceous peonies that are known to produce adventitious shoots. Common "Lactiflora" peonies are usually best.



a. Long root cut into two nurse roots. Note the wedge removed to give a flat top to the lower root and a slanted bottom to the upper root to maintain orientation.

b. and c. Suitable nurse roots

d. Unsuitable nurse root; difficult to graft on this mass or short roots.


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