Heartland Peony Society

Peltola, R. & Koivu, V.
Pionit. Tammi. Hämeenlinna. 2007.
 280 pages, 250 colour photographs, 3 maps.


Rea Peltola is a garden writer and Vesa Koivu a garden photographer. Together they have published several books on gardening, and they have written for top Finnish journals and magazines for nearly twenty years. Vesa Koivu has also published articles on the native of Kola Peninsula, Paeonia anomala, in British Royal Horticultural Society's magazine The New Plantsman and in Schweitzer Staudengärten.

Peltola and Koivu have collected and grown peonies for over twenty years. During that time they have also been active members of various international peony and garden societies. In their garden in Central Finland they have experimented with most peony species and hundreds of varieties. The climate in Finland is harsh, with cold and snowy winters and short and often cool summers, but most of the herbaceous peonies thrive there.

In "Pionit" the present situation of the classification of peonies is discussed and represented. Interesting stories describe the detective work required to identify plants that have lost their names long ago. The history of peonies as garden plants and subjects of garden fashions in Finland and in the rest of the world is also handled.

 This book honours the beauty of peonies by being a lovely object. The photographs are shining with inner light like the blooms themselves. Besides there are informative and helpful practical series of photographs, of peony roots and the secrets of dividing and tending them, seeds and identification pictures of plants.

The book is entirely written in Finnish.  For additional information see

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