Heartland Peony Society


        Most parts of the Heartland Peony Society area experienced record low temperatures during the week of  April 1 to 9 with the lowest (18 degrees F) on Saturday morning, April 7, 2007.  Peonies were just starting to shoot and expose new foliage and flower buds. Each night's freeze seem to add progressive harm to the previous night's damages in a steady decline.

        There is sure to be damage to peony flowers, foliage and stems, but it will depend on what stage of development and the specific kind of peony. Now as the temperatures rise above overnight freezes and warmer days, the exact extant of damage will appear within the next few days and weeks.

        This is a chance to learn more about what peonies are most sensitive in our area.

        Please take a few minutes to send the webmaster at  lpesnell@kc.net a report on your damage and mention some of the following. We'll post results later in the season.

        Please add any comments that relate such as if your garden is protected, if you tried covering special plants (did it work).  Did you provide extra heat or water to special plants?

                Thanks and sympathy if you lost a special plant.

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