Grafting Tree Peonies

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Planting Example

The graft is planted with the protected union below soil level and covered with a thin mulch. 


10.)      Care - If the graft is healed and survived winter outdoors, the plant will emerge in spring or early summer.  The new grafts can send up their growth quite late.  Grafts that have been planted deeply will generally burst up from below ground.  If you see the ground heaving, moisten the ground lightly to allow the sprout to emerge. If the growth emerges with a small bloom-bud, remove it by simply pinching it off.  Try to not damage other leaf growth. Young plants should receive water and light fertilizer all summer and kept weed free to encourage maximum growth and root development. In fall check to determine if the grafting band and the tape should be removed, if they have not already broken or fallen apart.  If left in place, these bands could restrict flow of nutrients up through the stem of the plant.  Carefully dig around the graft and remove or just cut the bands. Re-cover the graft area and maintain the young plant at the same depth or slightly deeper. The plant should be left at this location for two or more years and then moved to its permanent site.  At this time the scion should have developed its own roots.  Remove the nurse root and discard it if it has not already died and withered.


Examples of new growth. Note new tree peony roots emerging from above the graft union. The plant on the right has lost its grafting tape.



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