Grafting Tree Peonies

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Removal of nurse root

The plant on the left represents a young plant with an expanded nurse root showing clearly beneath the graft union. The scion has produced its own roots.  The same plant on the right with the bloated nurse root removed will need some extra care for a growing season, but will soon grow more roots freely.



11.)      Final Notes - Grafting of tree peonies is a quick and fairly easy way to expand your collection at low cost. Friends will usually provide a few small scions and preparing a few grafts of different varieties each year will provide you with a range of new cultivars.   Be sure to provide fair trades. It is easy to make a few extra grafts and give away your extra plants of interesting varieties. Remember that grafting is a learned art. Success may be very low at first and improve as you gain experience. Patience.    


There are other grafting methods that may suit your ability better. Read other sources and try alternatives that work best. Even professionals rarely have 100% success, so expect a low success rate as you sharpen your grafting skills.



Material List

Herbaceous root stock

Waterproof tape covering

Tree peony scion

Ziploc bags

Single edged razor blade

Labels & marking pen

Cutting surface

Alcohol and clorox for sanitizing

Grafting bands or broad rubber bands

Paper towels



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